Details of the Government Actions Program (GAP)

Brief description of the GAP

The Government Action Program (GAP) is an ambitious program spanning the five-year period of 2016-2021 based on the vision of President Patrice Talon with the objective of putting Benin on the path of economic development. Through ” Revealing Benin”, a large-scale investment and development program based on 45 flagship projects in 9 key sectors which aims to sustainably revive the country’s economy, the GAP intends to create wealth, boost employment, enhance the quality of life of the population, and raise Benin’s international profile.

Implementation status of the GAP

Find out more about the status of implementation of the reforms and projects of the Government Action Program (GAP) 2016-2021 here 

Focus on key GAP projects

Musée de l’Épopée

The project for the construction of the museum of Amazons and kings of Dahomey and the rehabilitation of the site

Drinking Water Sanitation (AEP)

The drinking water supply systems in the cities of Boukoumbé, Covè and Zagnanando were set up more than twenty years

Ouédo social housing

In the realization of projects included in the Government Action Program, the primary servicing work of the social housing construction

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